Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Bang


     It was Friday afternoon, a common day. Starts the weekend and according the forecast a sunny weekend.
     But the new was not such as the best one, at least at the first moment.

     He was not feeling well then he decided go to the his doctor.
     The traffic was so hard, so he changed his usual was a kind of anticipation that what would way and horizon...

     During the exam, his doctor said:
     Hey, I cannot listen to your heart! Whats going on?
     Also there is no bright in your eyes....Finally, the temperature of your brain is, well let check it all, gosh!!! 15 is unbelievable!!!

     I can guarantee, indeed  you are lost, his doctor said...You cannot live in that way...without passion. I ways say that a way without curve is so dangerous cause you got boring then is so easy crash a car and you are driving exactly in that way you life....

     He agreed with his doctor, took his belongs and went out.

    "My life will gonna start now!, yes!"
    But, What to do? What Change ? Why? How?
    Am I brave enough?

     You know what, yes I am...
      Sometimes unforeseen is not so bad....

    ( to be continued )....


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