Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Bang


     It was Friday afternoon, a common day. Starts the weekend and according the forecast a sunny weekend.
     But the new was not such as the best one, at least at the first moment.

     He was not feeling well then he decided go to the his doctor.
     The traffic was so hard, so he changed his usual was a kind of anticipation that what would way and horizon...

     During the exam, his doctor said:
     Hey, I cannot listen to your heart! Whats going on?
     Also there is no bright in your eyes....Finally, the temperature of your brain is, well let check it all, gosh!!! 15 is unbelievable!!!

     I can guarantee, indeed  you are lost, his doctor said...You cannot live in that way...without passion. I ways say that a way without curve is so dangerous cause you got boring then is so easy crash a car and you are driving exactly in that way you life....

     He agreed with his doctor, took his belongs and went out.

    "My life will gonna start now!, yes!"
    But, What to do? What Change ? Why? How?
    Am I brave enough?

     You know what, yes I am...
      Sometimes unforeseen is not so bad....

    ( to be continued )....


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Music to listen to music, music, music

What kind of music do you listen to?

Do you like music played in funeral? Which one do you remember?

Do you like music played when people having sex? Which one do you remember? Hum…interesting.

Which kind of music do you listen when you taking shower?

Music to change the world, do you remember?... Really?

Do you like pop music? Top 10, hum?

Music to listen to during the way!!! or not...

Music to listen in big events, such as super ball

Music to listen to make you fly, to make you cry, to make you scream!!!

Music to listen to, music to listen to…

On the list above, which one most says who you are? More suggestion? Tell me! I am curious…

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family Guy - A sitcom ( 1st chapter )

     Assumption: Family Guy is not a cartoon, instead, is a sitcom such as two and half man, so
everyone there is an actor/ actress that represent a character.
     I saw this interview last week at Late show....
     _ So, your character is known at television as Stewart for family Guy right? – asked David Letterman.
     _Yes, sir. – Said Big Bill with his British ascent.
     _ I’m so impressed because on the sitcom you really look like a child, and of course your head is a little different, I would say bigger and like a football ball. 
     _ Also, since you are so small, but an adult, I can say you are considered a dwarf, hum…said Letterman.
     _ Exactly, as a matter in fact I’m a dwarf indeed.
     _ I was invited to be Stewart, because they, I mean, the producers that were looking for someone that could say smart speeches and at the same time were look like a child, since Stewart in family Guy is actually a child, a very smart child, but I’m 27 years old.
     _But, as you can see my head is a kind big (the audience starts to laugh now, so much)…pause…
     _Yes guys, my head is so big, what I gonna do??!! – Said Big Bill and laughing at the same time.

( to be continued…)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The secret revealed - Together and mixed up ( 3rd chapter & final )

     What happened between Coca-Cola and Pepsi was not a unique case, instead, it was
only one among others.
     I can say that I saw television channel incentivizing audience to watch another channel television. I saw Sony’s Ads informing that Samsung had one of the best televisions that consumers should buy it.  
         More, I saw a basketball game, Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers, but, believe or not, all players from Heat were wearing Lakers uniform and vice-versa. On the stadium, the fans got totally confused, because they didn’t know for whom they should be fans at this night: Should they be fans from the name on the team or should they be fans from the guys that were playing? Difficult decision.
         Mariana was in the stadium and besides her was Yasar.
     _ What’s going on Mariana? – asked Yasar wearing LA Lakers t-shirt.
     _ Conspiracy my friend, conspiracy.- Smiled Marina.
     In fact, it was a market campaign, where big companies, sport team and politicians were involved with. Their planning was creating a kind of a big noise, in all society. Every single citizen would know about what happened in this memorable weekend.
     This campaign started at Saturday morning and finished Sunday night, around 9PM, when the President of US revealed the secret: A giant market campaign that would donate all of the earning gained on this weekend for a Social Responsibility, many different kind of Social Responsibility.
     Based in some projection, the creators of this amazing campaign believed that was possible earning 7 billion dollars in those 2 days that would represent 2/365 of US GDP. 
         Everybody, together and mixed up in this conspiracy…

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conspiracy theory - Together and mixed up ( 2nd chapter )

( Please read the previous post ).
     _ Stop tickling me, kkkk!!!!!, I can’t breathe!!,I can’t breathe!...Oh my gosh!
     _ Oh my god stopped it!!, kkkkk!!!!
         Mariana was laughing so much, but it was no funny, definitely not funny to her. Her parents used to be the responsible for this when she was three or four years old.
     She always used to see Dad and Mammy conspiring against her…
    _ Oh no! They are coming again!!!....too late Mariana to complain, it is time to laughing…kkkkkk.
     Mariana used to drive her 2004 Ford Focus to go to the University, which already had some expressions of time, with some scratches. Also, the engine was not to powerful anymore and the color was kind of opaque, but it was no problem for her since she could go to the University without having to get many crowded buses. It was a great relief to her.
     She knew that each energy saved would help her in the absorption of information in
class. She was hungry for new knowledge that could help in her education.
     Due to some reason, she believed in conspiracy theory mainly in politics and media. Her blog had thousands of new theories and her friends, that used to follow her by blog and twitter, used to have great time by reading funny stories.
     All polemic news she tried to make a relationship with big corporations and their business.
    Those big companies are usually charming and use “magical tricks” and “hallucinogenic”,
that could make the population blind regarding their real objectives, except Mariana.
     Philosophy and sociology, Mariana used to be the first one in class. Goethe's Faust, society of the spectacle, Russian revolutions of the late nineteenth, her eyes were always attentive to all.
     Conspiracy, that is the word to Mariana.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Red and Blue - Together and mixed up

Saturday morning, 9:00 am.  
      I just say that it was true because I was so close to them when it happened. I saw their reaction and they were look like a freak, a kind of surprised feeling. (Now coming in my mind an old music called: unbelievable, so enjoy that music while you reading)
     It was so funny I would to say. Their faces on that memorable day.
    _ How was it possible???!!!!, said Marina looking in Yasar eyes, totally out of control, while her heart was pumping so strong and fast.
     _A can of Coke must to be red, red!, such as my blood, or fire, whatever, not that fuck dark blue, you know? It looks like the biggest Coke competitor beverage, Pepsi! They are enemies, and all the
time they are trying killing each other!
     _ Well, at least the taste is a typical Coke taste, I mean, not too sweet, at least! – concluded Mariana. 
     _ I confess that it is weird, totally weird actually, you know?,- replied Yasar equally surprised, but not like Mariana. But, are you sure that the taste is a Coke taste instead Pepsi? I am not sure, because if they had this mistake on the can’s color, maybe they had a mistake when they were preparing the Coke formula, I mean, maybe when the guy at the manufacturing was mixing up the formula got crazy and put more sugar or less water, who knows?
     _ By the way, I heard that more than the secret formula, the quality of the water is also one of the secrets of those beverages. -  Added Yasar, trying to be wiser and less sarcastic as usual.
     _ Ahh Yasar, stopped to say useless stories, it is not the appropriate moment for that silly stories at all. Also, I can feel the big, the huge difference between Coke and Pepsi.
     Nevertheless, does not matter if the taste were like Coke or Pepsi, if had more sugar or not, if had more water or not, no big deal at this time.
     In truly, the can was exactly any other Coke’s can: the shape, letters, logo, promotion, advises, everything the same, except the color. Instead the red color that is related with the red barrels where the drink was conditioned when the drink was invented, now the color was blue, like the competitor well known as Pepsi.

     Why? Why?
    The Coke’s can printed in a dark blue color. Yes, unbelievable.
     Also, the opposite equally happened: Pepsi dressed in red color…